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Government Secret: How to Access Your Original Birth Certificate and Adoption Records in Tennessee

Those of you who have been following my blog will be happy to hear that I finally gained access to my sealed records. Few people realise how long, drawn-out and humiliating this process is and are shocked when I explain it. Since I finally have the records in my hands, I thought I would type out my entire process from start-to-finish so that people can see from my perspective what it is like to apply for sealed records from the state of Tennessee. Here are a few things I'd like for you to keep in mind. Two states never sealed records. Four additional states have unsealed their records and have open access. A few more states have some sort of access but allow original parents r to deny access or allow adoptees to see only censored records. The rest of the country allows adoptees access to their records by court order only (so you can imagine how hard it is to get anything at all in those states). I'd like to  also point out is that along with the adoption records being sea