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For blog-related correspondence:
 amanda [at] declassifiedadoptee [dot] com ( remove spaces and [ ] )

Researchers and Students
For requests for The Declassified Adoptee to share research surveys, please note that I may opt to share the surveys to groups and other contacts privately through email rather than on my social media pages. Researching adoption is important. However, as I receive a high volume of these requests I cannot post them all and keep a balance with other content more central to The Declassified Adoptee theme and mission.

Guest Content
I encourage all adults who were adopted and fostered as children who would like to submit guest content to contact Lost Daughters. On rare occasions, I will feature guest content here but require those authors to have some personal or professional connection to adoption to do so. I cannot respond to requests that do not meet this criteria.

I look forward to hearing from you.