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Common Challenges of Adoption Books Written for Children

I started to write out my thoughts in an Instagram post, thanking those who had sent me books from my Amazon Wishlist. Although I have not looked at my new books yet, I reflected upon all the ways in which me looking at these books is necessary. I started to share that in an Instagram post, and it became too long. I make it a priority to review children's adoption books because there are so few out there. Sure, there are plenty of books that involve adoption and adoption-like scenarios as a part of a fictional plot. However, when it comes to using a book to help a younger adopted or fostered child understand adoption and their place within it - these books are few and far between. There are some tendencies in children’s adoption books that make them really hard to recommend or use: First, some are too general and don’t impart any one solid theme that a given child may need. This is the best case scenario because I can adapt these books easily with my own exercises. This is why I re