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Should Secondary Infertility Rates of Birth Mothers be Disclosed in Adoption Counseling?

I came across a very recent study that was published in the journal Psychoanalytic Inquiry and conducted/written by Isabel Andrews titled "Secondary Infertility and Birth Mothers."  Isabel Andrews is affiliated with the Adoption Jigsaw, an entity that has provided search and reunion services, counselling, and support groups for mothers and adoptees separated by adoption in Western Australia.  Andrews was extremely respectful to mothers and recognized the deep loss that many of these mothers feel and expressed it eloquently in her article. Why Look Into First Mother Infertility? It was actually two books by Nancy Verrier and finding other research that repeated/supported Verrier's finding that 40-60% of mothers who have lost children to adoption did not go on to have other children that prompted Andrews to conduct this study.  She too found that 40-60% of the original mothers seeking support from Adoption Jigsaw did not go on to have other children and wanted to deter

The Infertile Wound

I was adopted by infertile parents. I grew up knowing my mother felt threatened by things that she could not provide to me (my birth, my DNA, my health history, my facial features, my heritage). It was something that she might have tried to hide but I noticed. I was a joy to her but I did not ease her pain. Later on, I discovered my own struggles with fertility as it took me 18 months to get pregnant with my son--a pregnancy I experienced pre-reunion and with no family health history, no idea of what to expect. I was terrified. It took me 16 months to get pregnant again after he was born.  I lost this pregnancy I lost a just few days ago. Growing up and even now, individuals in my life who know that I have struggled with fertility frustrations with a successful pregnancy in addition to being adopted have come to me looking for hope. They think that maybe what worked for me will work for them.  If it doesn't work, they I can tell them something that will make them feel good

PA Call to Action HB 1978

________________________________________ **FORWARD FREELY** ________________________________________ A Pennsylvania Adoptee Rights Call to Action End Adult Adoptee Inequality in Pennsylvania Promote Adoptee Rights in PA, Help PROMOTE HB 197 8 HB 1978 is a bill pending in the House of Representatives Health and Human Services Committee.  It impacts the portion of law governing the right of Adult Adoptees to access their Non-Identifying and Identifying information.  HB 1978 says that upon reaching adulthood, an Adult Adoptee will have the right to request either one of their birth certificates (the Amended or the Original) under the same law (Vital Statistics Law), for the same price, and by the same process as every other Pennsylvania Citizen.  HB 1978 is the Adoptee Equality Bill.  Read the bill here . 5 Ways to Take Action and PROMOTE HB 197 8 Now! 1.     Contact Legislators:   Make sure legislators know that HB 1978 needs a hearing and needs to pass un-amended and in its curr