Maine Adoptee Rights: State Rep Farrington Overheard

I loved this quote from State Rep David Farrinton's floor remarks on LD 1084:

"[denying birth certificate access] may be appropriate when dealing with children; but children, including adopted children, grow up.  Unfortunately, Main law treats adult adoptees as perpetual children and presumes that they cannot handle or cannot be trusted with information about their own origins."

"The state cannot promise and has never promised perpetual anonymity to birth parents; if that were the case, an adoptee would have no right ever to intiate a search!  But of course, there is nothing illegal, unethical or unhealthy about an adoptee seeking out information about their orgins.  And the birth certificate itself has never been guaranteed to remain confidential."

"No, every adoptee or birth parent will not find a fairytale ending,  But that is not our job as legislators.  LD 1084 simply seeks to provide treatment to Maine's adult adoptees and restore to all Maine citizens the right to have access to their own birth certificates."