Saturday, November 20, 2010

Today is National Adoption Day 2010: What Have we Learned?

National Adoption Day is a day where courts across the United States finalize adoptions from the public foster care system.  It is often a day (and November the entire month) where adoption in-general is celebrated and promoted.  I am not a fan of this because: (1) adoption encompasses a great deal of individuals, not all who feel celebration is appropriate or fits their experience in adoption; (2) NAAM and National Adoption day is about promoting the needs of children in foster and the focus on their needs is where the attention should lie; and (3) adoption policy is far behind the advancements adoption has made.

This post will be short; I don't have a lot to say (imagine that!) but what I think people could use today to focus on would be:
  • What are the rights and needs of children, mothers, and families?  How can we serve their needs best?
  • You do not need to erase a person's past and issue altered birth documentation to give them a home.  Let's revisit this issue and restore access to adult adoptees.
  • Who do you know that has been impacted in some way by adoption?  Do you make assumptions about them or have you talked to them personally?  Find out what's important to them.  Become an ally.

Photo credit:  Francesco Marino


Sunday Koffron Taylor said...

Again Amanda, I can always count on you to have something insightful to say.

It is always so frustrating to me that foster care and adoption are supposed to be for the "best interest" of the child. But time and time again we see that their rights and long term needs are given little if any consideration.

Every one involved in foster care and adoption KNOWS their are serious problems and have know for decades but yet it all remains the same.

We as children teach our children not to lie. They know from TV that when you are sworn "to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god". So one day a year we have those children pack court rooms so a JUDGE can hand them permanent paper lies. What are we thinking?

ms. marginalia said...

I wish my friends would talk to me more openly about my adoption. Since I have become more public about it, very few have ventured down that path. I know that some of what I've said over the past year or so has helped a few friends clarify their own thoughts about adoption or how to help their adopted children. I do still walk around feeling like I'm being judged, though. Always the adoptee guilt.

I hate the brokenness of the system and its continued perpetuation of lies. I hate how it amputates adoptees from their past and roots.

I hope your post reaches civilians and gets them thinking about how they can help us change the system! We do need those allies.

Love you!

Von said...

Am I reading right, there is a NAD when adoptions are finalised, all on one day??

Amanda Woolston said...


NAD in the U.S. is a day where several courts in (I think) all 50 states coordinate to finalize hundreds, if not thousands, of adoptions from foster care all on the same date.