Monday, February 21, 2011

February's Online Art Exhibit: Liz Porter

Liz Porter

February's artist is Liz Porter.  Porter is a mother who placed two children for adoption.

Teagan's House

From Nannie's Garden

Marsh and Clouds


 Texas Post Card

Blowin' in the Wind

Forever After

All images are copyright Liz Porter.  Used on this blog with permission.


treetale said...

Thanks for posting Liz's extraordinary and beautiful work. I want to know as soon as she begins to sell, although I may not be able to afford her!

I have been a longtime fan of Liz's painting and photography and am happy that a much larger audience is beginning to see it. It is not only lovely to look at, but very moving as well.

Lori said...


E. Jane said...

I just found your blog, and I'm glad I did. I'm not an adoptee, but I have long understood the need for a human being to know where they came from. I was born in the mid-40's when it was not common for adoptees to feel comfortable asking about or looking for birth families. I grew up with some adopted childhood friends with whom I have lost touch, but I often think of them and hope that at this time in their lives they know their own stories and who their birth families are. It's a basic human right.

The Art display is lovely!

Anonymous said...

So cool! Thank you for inviting me to share my art on your blog, Amanda.