May's Online Art Exhibit: Kate Dahlquist

Kate Dahlquist

"I'm a freelance artist (photography, art, & writing) who is currently living in the lovely state of NC with my husband and our two boys. I have many connections to adoptoland including being the sister of an adopted brother from Vietnam, mother of two children lost to "open" adoption, and a former NC GAL (5+ years of service and I'm still in touch with several of my former clients). Adoptee rights, family preservation are two subjects that are near and dear to my heart and I currently volunteer for several organizations which support these causes."


"Piece of my Heart," 2008   &   "Silent Heart," 2008

"Before you Sign," 2009   &   "After you Sign," 2009

"Every Night," 2009   &   "Amerikan Justice," 2009

About the Collages:
"1, 2 & 5 A reflection of my feelings about my adoption experience.
3 & 4 How I feel I am seen/portrayed by my children's APs (who were, at one point, friends of my family).
6 My general impression of family court after my some of my experiences as a GAL."

Acrylic on Canvas

"Waiting," 1999

"Making Due," 2004

"When I was a GAL, I went to visit a client at the home of her foster parents on a truly sweltering July day. As I was coming down the street, I saw an adorable little girl about 6 or 7 "making due" with an industrial trash can and a garden hose. She was having a fabulous time and waved at me as I drove by. I wished I had my camera! To me this picture is an example of how money isn't necessary for happiness."


"Spring Colors" Burlington, NC, 2010

"Gerbera Couple" Melbane, NC, 2011

"Carolina Bride," Wilmington, NC, 2011

Images Copyright Kate Dahlquist.  All Rights Reserved.  Used on this blog with permission.