Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November's Online Art Exhibit: Lina Eve

Lina Eve

From the 1960's-1980's in Australia, over 80,000 mothers lost their babies to adoption during an era of forced and coerced adoptions.  Lina Eve was one of these women.  She expresses her thoughts and emotions on this experience through the song and video (below) as well as through other artistic media.  You can check more of her artwork out at

"Clayton's Mother" Lina Eve, mixed medium on board

"Loss" from the "Bad Girl" series, Lina Eve

Artwork and video/song copyright Lina Eve.  Used on this blog with permission.


Lori said...

I think it feels that way to all the mothers of loss... a huge empty spot in our selves.

Susie said...

The babe was born in sorrow, the babe was born in fear...
Her crime to love too early, her fate to be alone...

What true and haunting words ~

Lina Eve said...

Thanks Susie, I wrote that song a year before my reunion with my daughter. Its still the song I find most difficult to perform as it brings up so many emotions. However I think if we can express our emotions around the huge sadness and trauma, it releases their hold on us a little.

I recently uploaded another adoption related video onto youtube:

Please check it out and leave a response if possible.

Warm wishes, Lina