Cibu International Suggests Asian American Adoptee Takes Racist Product Names "too Personally"

According to Cibu International, all one needs to know about Asian culture is "karate" and "take-out."  Sprinkle in a little sexist exotification of Asian women and viola, you've got yourself an entire line of shampoos and conditioners, including a detangler called "Miso Knotty" marketed alongside an image of a completely nude "Geisha."  Apparently, anyone with a dissenting opinion on Cibu's severe lack of judgement is being deleted from their Facebook page, including women of color who are considered "radical" for their concerns.  I got to interview the adoptee responsible for the petition that asks Cibu to do the right thing and change their product names (and imagery) at Land of Gazillion Adoptees.  Head on over and check it out.